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Join the Rosie Revolution!


My name is Rose Villa, formerly RC Moore.

I’m the author of the book I Wanna Live Forever and owner of RCMoore Vintage in Bethlehem, PA.

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TikTok: @Rcmoorevintage

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From Rosie’s Crazy Mind…

I am RC Moore.  I am the protector of history and the keeper of memories. I watch over all the carefully curated pieces of vintage clothing in my shop and warehouse in Hellertown Pennsylvania. 

I am the daughter of immigrants. An Italian mother and a Roma father. My mother sewed all my clothing. She knitted all my gloves and hats, crocheted, beaded, tatted, and smocked. She made most of our clothing just by looking in a magazine, and these are all the things that I learned from her. Here at RCMoore Vintage and Millinery nothing gets thrown away. I repair and restore everything that I can to the best of our ability. Many times I send the very old things to professional vintage restorers. When something is beyond repair, I salvage as much as I can from the garment and I make something else. It gets a new life and many times turns out better than when it was first made. I also make costumes, drag, burlesque, steampunk, and cosplay. I have a line of dolls for adults called “groovy bad-ass chicks” made of all vintage materials. I make beautiful pictures out of broken jewelry, and of course, my hats are always outrageous! When I see something broken or torn, I don’t see what it is…..I see what it could be.

To find these lovely pieces, I travel the world, meet all kinds of interesting people and gather wonderful fun things for my shop. Here are where stories and memories go to lie in wait of a continuance. It’s never the end. It’s only a pause. Until the next person comes in the door and loves the garment that was waiting just for them. And then, their story, their life, their memory…gets added to all the ones that were there before.

We live in a society where we easily dispose of things and people. It is easy to throw something away and not think about it ever again. What I try to do is to teach people to cherish things…to cherish memories and to cherish each other. Please try and live your life with sustainable fashion. It could mean the world to an exploited woman or child. And in doing that, you could mean everything to the world in being your authentic self.

Rose Ellen Moore /owner

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🏷️50% Off Sale 7/25 – 7/29

All storefront stock will be 50% off the last week of July!
From Tuesday the 25th to Saturday the 29th from 12p – 8p come by and see our vintage wares at half the price.
The Warehouse is located at
Rosie Revolution
1180 Main St. (Rear Entrance)
Hellertown, PA 18055
Free parking in back!
50% Off Hat’s Off Sale still running until the end of June.

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It’s raining men…’s clothes 🌧️

Previously on Rosie Revolution…

We have an excess of women’s clothes but we also have a pretty vast collection of men’s clothes!

As we upload products online as fast as we can here are some of the styles you may have seen:

and of course a big THANK YOU to all the models that come through the shop: Jesse, Quintin, Tylor, Greg, Rye, and the best, of course, John!

Here are some looks you’ll see available for sale online in the next few days:

A message to the men:

Don’t be shy to dress fly

See you all next week!

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Listen in at the Warehouse 🔊

Are you every curious as to what we’re listening too here at Rosie’s?

Now that we’re in the last days of spring here is one of my favorite playlists we’ve been jamming out too.


Here are a few other recently playlists since we just started updating this blog yesterday:

Have fun listening to Rosie Revolution Radio!

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Happy Pride Month


1$ Raffle starts 🎉NOW🎉 Enter for a chance to win a 100$ Gift Voucher for use online or in store, winner will be announced July 1st 2023 Buy as many tickets as you’d like. All proceeds to Bradbury-Sullivan Center of Allentown, PA Happy Pride! #pride #raffle #vintage #fyp

♬ Cruel Summer – Taylor Swift

Happy Pride Month!

For Pride Month this year we at Rosie Revolution are hosting a 1$ Raffle for our local queer community center.

You can enter the raffle 1 of 2 ways, in person or online: 

For online entry send raffle payment through Venmo: @matthewmackenzie  

1$ per ticket

You will be sent the last 3 digits of your ticket numbers, physical tickets can be mailed by request. 


Please include name and phone number in message!!

1 winner will be chosen on July 1st 2023 and a video will be uploaded to Facebook, Instagram and TikTok on the @rosierevolution account.

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Rosie’s is under new management!

Hi everyone, after a full year in business I’m excited to announce that the website, including the Luxury Vintage Shop, is up and running!

It has been a great year and I wish I could personally thank every single customer and friend who had come in to support the family business. We’ve been through a lot of changes in the past year from the big name change, as we we’re formally known as RC Moore Vintage or RC Moore for the Unique, all the way too being open only on Saturdays from 12p – 4p 😂 so much has been happening and I couldn’t have persisted if it wasn’t for everyone who came to support us during our big Make Me An Offer and Fill A Bag Sales; and more to come! Thank you everyone ❤️

The warehouse location in Hellertown , PA is open 5 days a week, Tuesdays to Saturdays from 12p – 8pm

Be sure to check out our TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook I upload videos and photos of what we’re up to here at the warehouse daily, and now that we’ve fixed the website we will posting here frequently!

Follow on TikTok
Come see us in store

Visit us at:

1180 Main St. Hellertown, PA 18055 (Rear Entrance)

I hope to see you all in store, check out our online shop here.

– Matthew